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Psychodrama basic training  for the healthworkers in different areas 

Dr. Ali Babaoğlu Jungiyen Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Community Mental Health Institute is a working group that decided to work all the areas that related to mental health of the community and, directly or indirectly, and has included psychodrama training on the agenda of the needs of different professionals in the field of health. For this purpose, a three-year ( 150-hours per year) period for occupational groups such as midwives, nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, dietitians, social workers, child development specialists who do not provide direct therapy services but have to establish or establish a therapeutic relationship due to the nature of the profession. In the program, there will be 225 hours for group experiences, 150 hours for the common theoretical and technical subjects, and 75 hours for the specific subjects.

This program is structured according to the framework of the  FEPTO criteria.

Participants who are eligible according to FEPTO codes will receive the title of psychodrama trainer / therapist after completing the second stage that means totally 900 hours. The others will take an attendance certificate only. 

Doğum Profesyonelleri İçin 

Psikodrama Eğitimi

Diyetisyen/Beslenme Uzmanları 


Beslenme Danışmanlığı ve 

Psikodrama Eğitimi

Nutritionist giving consultation to pati

Sosyal Hizmet Uzmanları İçin Psikodrama 


Enstitümüz, Sosyal Hizmet Uzmanları için psikodrama temel aşama eğitimini başlatmış olup programa mezun olma aşamasındaki lisans öğrencileri de katılabilecektir. 

Sosyal Hizmet Uzmanları alanlarıyla ilgili 75 saatlik  konulu psikodrama çalışması yapacaklardır

Tiyatro ve Gösteri Sanatçıları  İçin Psikodrama 

Eğiticiler  İçin Psikodrama 

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